Friday, March 2, 2012

Either Kick Butt or Be a Loser by Allan Stevo

Either Kick Butt or Be a Loser by Allan Stevo: What Ron Paul threatens to do is to take the free meal ticket from many men and women who currently depend on government’s corrupt corporate "welfare" in order to live well. There are lots of people who need Ron Paul to lose, because they see that their livelihoods depend on it. Simply sharing links on Facebook and getting into online debates will do little to make Ron Paul president; in fact, the powers that be would love to see Ron Paul’s proponents stay online "where they belong" or just coming outside every once in a while to wave signs. Those actions are entirely ineffective in winning a campaign. Do them and you are just as bad as any neo-con – because you have a chance to effectively fight for liberty, yet you do nothing. Your silence, your comfortable obeisance in your day-to-day life, only strengthens the existing system. You spend your day strengthening that system, just like a neo-con. In fact, I’d say you’re even worse than a neo-con, because a neo-con doesn’t get it. A neo-con isn’t wasting the opportunities to destroy the shackles, because he doesn’t feel the shackles. You who feel those shackles, yet do nothing effective in response to them – you are villains in this story.

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