Sunday, May 27, 2012

WeAreChange 2012 Bilderberg Donation Drive | We Are Change

WeAreChange 2012 Bilderberg Donation Drive | We Are Change: avatarPosted by Luke Rudkowski on May 25, 2012

With WeAreChange chapters being targeted and harassed by the CPD and DHS at the recent NATO conference, it is safe to say WeAreChange is under attack. Under these extreme circumstances, WeAreChange has decided to stand up and fight back. The best way we can do that is non-violently, of course, in the information war.

For the past six years, WeAreChange has taped countless confrontations that have not seen the light of day. That ends now. On May 31st 2012, WeAreChange is launching the 1st ever WeAreChange Donation Drive during the 1st day of the Bilderberg Conference in Chantilly Virginia. On that day, we will release some of the most hard-hitting, never before seen work of WeAreChange alongside a 12hr broadcast encouraging everyone to donate. Our goal is to raise enough money to support us indefinitely as we tear holes through the establishment!

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