Thursday, June 7, 2012

Contact your representative in Washington

I trust all is going well.
Just wanted to give you a little update.
1. I will be in DC all of next week in order to do the final prep for our march on Congress July 17-27th. In addition to various organizations I am visiting to enlist support, my lobbyist and I will be personally visiting all 535 congressional offices. Most will be on a cold call basis (always adventurous), but some will be through appointment.
It would be helpful if you could call, email or fax your reps and tell them to support congressional reform - no more bundling bills, and let is see that final version of the bill long before the vote. This will help me to be more warmly received so as to make our case.
To find your Representatives and Senators go here:
2. In just a few short weeks, we have gone from a few dozen petition signatures to almost 10,000.
I am pleased with this, but the fact is that we need a lot more. Each of us has more than a dozen friends who haven't signed the petition. If you could make a point to call 4 of your friends and get them to sign it, that would be very helpful. I want to double the amount of signatures by this time next week (June 14).
3. We are working on contacting activist organizations and media to enlist their support and we are making good progress with these. But our progress and number of them in our database isn't large enough. I am wondering if you would be willing to help gather them for this cause?  We would supply you with a link to a list of organizations and then you copy/paste the contact info into an excel file (and if all of the info isn't available on that site, you would go to the activist's or media's website and find it).
4. I have been doing media interviews and it has been going very well.  I should have counted but I believe I've done more than a dozen in the last two weeks. This is starting to ramp up. Already have 13 scheduled for my return from DC. We mostly twitter and FB about the media interviews (times and places), because it is so much easier.
There is your update!

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